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Things to do On Rottnest Island

Nestled neatly alongside Perth’s Western coast is Rottnest Island – a protected nature reserve that plays host to a variety of flora and fauna species. The island itself shares a very similar climate to Western Australia and for those looking to escape the confines of everyday life, it’s becoming an increasingly popular location.

Things to do on Rottnest Island

The island itself was only recently brought into the limelight after the main hub of transport, Thomson Bay, became a fully functional port just a couple of decades ago. Nowadays, the island acts as a hub for tourists, fans of bird spotting and fans of whale watching – and dozens of amenities and stores have opened their doors to the general public.

And this is where the first option for entertainment and activities becomes apparent. With the proximity to white sandy beaches – the first port of call for tourists is often the Rottnest Express, a local ferry service that is ideal for showing visitors around from the comfort of a sea faring vessel. For those that wish to stay close the ability to venture along the coastline can be very appealing, whilst those that wish to explore a little further afield and may want to catch sight of whales – the agency are more than capable of catering to this preference, too.

For those that would prefer to see how the island has been properly accommodated by boats and ships, the Bathurst Lighthouse stands testament to the recent influx of vessels. Built in 1900, the landmark piece of architecture is considered a beacon – not just for passing and docking boats, but as a symbol of the islands visibility from the Perth coastline.

There’s also a large basin that is ideal for shallow water snorkelling and those that visit in the summer will often bear witness to exotic fish and manta rays, whilst those that stop by in the winter may be privy to basking whales and even some types of shark. With the high elevation, getting around by car can be best – and when doing so, the city centre is often one of the first places on a visitor’s agenda.

It plays host to a variety of eateries and you’ll also find a couple of cab companies there, but as the majority of things to see and do relate to the local coast and ocean – one of the most enjoyable places to start can be with a ferry ride around the island; and one that could introduce you to all of the sights and sounds that the region has to offer.