Rottnest Island Deals

Booking a Trip to Rottnest? Try the Rottnest Express!

Rottnest Island is becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations for fans of whale watching, sightseeing and escaping normality. With its very own history, a stunning variety of landmarks and a host of things to see and do – you might be disappointed to hear that there’s no airport. So without air travel, how can you reach this island? With the Rottnest Express of course!

What is the Rottnest Express?

Offering some of the finest quality ferrying services in and around Western Australia, RE are one of the few ferry providers that travel from the North Port Head in Perth, across the small gap and then into Thomson Bay in Rottnest. The majority of customers that book the Express’ services will tell you just how flexible their travel times are and just how much of a priority they place on their customers – but they are much more than your average transportation service.

They are also a highly-acclaimed whale watching service, too – offering their customers the option to venture around Rottnest Island and further out into the ocean to catch a glimpse of some of the largest underwater creatures imaginable. From blue whales right through to Pygmies; the Australian coast plays host to a vibrant selection of sea life and with more than a dozen whales, dolphins and porpoises calling the region their home (or migration route), all that you’ll need is an enjoyable tour.

What about their prices?

The agency recently made a point of adjusting their prices in a way that would allow them to A) maintain coherence with the market standard and B) appeal to those on a budget. Without sacrificing on the quality of their services, RE have managed to find the fine balance between an affordable service and an effective one.

Furthermore, as the service runs all year round and can be specially booked for events and celebrations; it can be possible to take to the waves in style – whilst enjoying the open-planned features of the boat and the fresh air that this feature includes. The majority of customers that book the Express ferry service to Rottnest will have dedicated a day to exploring all that the island of Rottnest has to offer.

In these events and for these requirements, it can make much more sense to hire a ferry that can promise to depart on time – and maintain a regular schedule for collections and return trips.

When it comes to travelling to and from the idyllic island, the Express is the most popular service for a reason. They are as fast as they are affordable and they’re as friendly as they are easy to book. Whilst on the subject of booking, to do so you can enjoy the option to book in advance, or take advantage of fairly regular transportation options by visiting their website at today.